New CNN Documentary on cocoa's child labour

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This evening, Friday the 20th of January, CNN will air a new documentary on child labour in West Africa's cocoa sector.

In "Chocolate's Child Slaves," CNN's David McKenzie travels into the heart of the Ivory Coast to investigate children working in the cocoa fields. Directly following this half hour documentary will be another half hour programme with input from the 10 Campaign on the issue, as well as interviews with various other people involved in the chocolate sector.

At the same time, the partners within the 10 Campaign will be ramping up various new campaigning activities for 2012 that everyone can get involved in. For example, check out our partner Fairfood's "Bittersweet" campaign which launches today!


Tune into CNN at the following times:

Friday 1/20/12
London: 20:00
Berlin/CET: 21:00
Abu Dhabi: Midnight

The programme will be repeated in the following week at these times:

Saturday 1/21/12
Hong Kong: 22:00
Abu Dhabi: 18:00
New York/Miami: 9pm
Mexico City: 8pm

Sunday 1/22/12
Hong Kong: 18:30
London: 21:30
Berlin/CET: 22:30
New York/Miami: 11pm
Mexico City: 10pm

Tuesday 1/24/12
Hong Kong: 18:30
London: 17:30
Berlin/CET: 18:30
Abu Dhabi: 21:30